E-Invoice (Electronic invoicing) System for SAP

PlusCircle provides a total E-Invoice solution which integrates E-Invoice into SAP system satisfies users in B2B or B2C requirements, upload by using the standard Turnkey of Tax Authority. We provide the solutions that users can keep their books of account and at the same time they can issue, cancel billing and upload E-Invoice to the E-Invoice platform of Tax Authority. Our solutions simplify all the complicated operations.

Besides using the standard Turnkey of the Tax Authority as a tool to transmit E-Invoice, we can customize the transmission interface if users request to upload by third-party value-added center, so that SAP system can be integrated directly into third-party value-added center.

PlusCircle follows the latest regulation of Tax Authority and knowledgeable in regulations of E-Invoice so we can assist customer uploading E-Invoice among different industries, e.g., state-owned enterprises, high-tech manufacturer, traditional manufacturer, international trade, transport, food, pharmaceutical , department stores, retail or wholesale business processes …etc, we have abundant project experience

SAP Electronic Invoice module main functions:

  • Turnkey transmission:

    When SAP issue invoice, cancel invoice, issue credit memo or cancel it, it will generate the file that comply with the Turnkey of Tax Authority automatically, and then upload E-Invoice to the platform by the Turnkey software.
  • Third-party value-added center Transmission:

    According to the third-party value added center which the enterprise is using, we can develop the requested data format of the third-party value-added centers accordingly, and then SAP system can generate the corresponding data to achieve automatic process.