Service of build SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a set of applications which provides a new user experience (UX) for SAP software. SAP Fiori enables multiple device (desktop, smartphones and Tablets) and allow users to start a frequent used SAP process on their desktop/laptops and to continue that process on a smartphone or on a tablet.

Serivice of building SAP Fiori SAP Fiori provides a personalized and role-based user experience for SAP software. It applies modern design and offers simple, quick responsiveness and delightful features; therefore it can simplify user experience in transaction, tasks and device. Meanwhile, it also takes the visual design, information structure, color and interaction mode into consideration. There are three SAP FIORI Apps types, they are - Transactional Apps which can perform transactional tasks; Fact sheets which can display contextual information and key facts; and Analytical Apps, it can let user get a insight of the business operations.

Technical functions:

  • The Fiori Launchpad:

    The SAP Fiori launchpad use responsive design, provide an entry point to SAP Fiori apps. Users can not only access those apps by role of individualization experience, but also access the back-end systems of multiple enterprises.
  • Support multiple Browser and devices:

    SAP Fiori user experience based on the most advanced HTML5(SAPUI5) technology, and provide users RESTful (OData) runtime service to process business data through open standards. A real instance of SAP Fiori support end users to access any device.
  • SAP Fiori Client:

    SAP Fiori Client provide reliable caching mechanisms enables a variety of devices API (Application Programming Interface, e.g., camera, barcode scanner and geographic positioning tool). By SAP Mobile Platform Software Development Kit(SDK) enhancement customized functions, it allows enterprises overcome mobile browser limitations when converting.
  • SAP Web Integrated Development Environment (IDE):

    SAP Web IDE is a web-based development,, it supports the whole application lifecycle, from prototyping to deployment. It allows enterprises to build or extend the application of SAP Fiori. SAP Web IDE is mainly for developers, but it also allows business experts and designers to cooperate together to fulfill end user’ requirements and expectations. This is contributed to its easy use visual editor, the editor contains the control parameters, wizards, templates and drag and drop functions.

PlusCircle’s SAP Fiori/Mobile service ability:

  • SAP Fiori architectures and technology deployment

  • SAP Fiori security and role management

  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData Services

  • Transactional, fact Sheets, analytical and launchpad configuration

  • SAP business and process workflow development or customization

  • SAPUI5 development or customization

  • Fiori on HANA and cloud deployment

PlusCircle’s SAP Fiori/Mobile service item:

  • Sandbox, development, QA test and production systems installation

  • SAP standard APPs implementation

  • SAP standard APPs customization

  • Customer on-demand new APPs development

Web Dynpro:

  • Customer on-demand new APPs development


  • Customer on-demand new APPs development

Purely Standalone Java or SAP Java:

  • Customer on-demand new APPs development