GUI (Government Unified Invoice) System for SAP

Tailor-made for Taiwan tax authority and integrated with SAP finance, sales and distribution systems, GUI is the most popular report module in Taiwan. GUI has an user friendly interface and is embedded with error auto-detection function that can greatly reduce personal mistakes while inputting invoice data.


  • Invoice Generation:

    Based on different business scenarios, GUI generates different types of invoices, such as 2 Copies, 3 Copies, Taxable, Zero Tax or Tax Exempt. Invoices are printed out according to the format that customers predefine and the Revenue acknowledges. GUI’s printing modes include Immediately, Deferred, One-by-One, and Batch.
  • Credit Memo or Return:

    GUI verifies the invoice's information while bring to credit memo or return documents.
  • Tax Reports:

    GUI offers 5 standard tax reports with layout defined by the tax authority.
    Details on output tax for invoices
    Details on zero-percent tax of output tax for invoices
    Detail report of fixed assets return
    Download to external medium - Media File
    Form 401/403
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration:

    Whether single or multiple VAT registration area record should be submitted to the Revenue, GUI meets all needs of different organizations.