IEB (Import/Export Bond) System for SAP

IEB module is developed for customers who have requirement for managing imported/exported goods or bonded warehouse in the Greater China area. IEB is integrated with SAP workflow, purchase order, invoice, material and inventory management systems. IEB helps you increase the accuracy and simplify the declaration process. It can also greatly reduce human cost in checking up documents and errors of account differing from the object.


  • Parameter settings:

    Customers can easily modify management rules without tuning system codes by adjusting parameters.
  • Import:

    Register and confirm import declaration by integrating with SAP’s purchase order and inventory.
  • Export:

    Register and confirm export declaration and print out release orders integrating with SAP’s invoice and inventory.
  • Outsourcing process:

    Apply and confirm outsourcing process and print out release orders.
  • Waste material:

    Apply and approve waste material items by integrating with work order.
  • Term:

    Print out account book of bonded factory’s material and finished product lists.
  • Annual Inventory Check:

    Manage inventory, create inventory lists, analyze inventory data, and release annual reports.
  • Machines and Equipment:

    Create bonded machines and equipment lists.