RFID Security Access Management System

PlusCircle provides a complete RFID Security Access Management System solutions to high-tech manufacture industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry …etc. The convergence of access control system and SAP, by its effective control mechanisms from contractor 's qualification application and examination before construction, application for construction work, to the control of staff access to the factory…etc., all the strictly management mechanisms can reduce the work safety risk of contractors and other management risks.

Main functions:

  • Contractor Admission qualifications apply and qualifications check:

    Contractors’ workers must log into the system to fill in basic information, and upload digital-photos, insurance information, the relevant license ...... by using the Internet. Only those who get approved can apply for industrial safety training course.
  • Qualified applicant to apply a work safety training course:

    The qualified construction suppliers’ workers, who is listed as one of the vendors in the SAP system, need to get approved to apply for work safety training course by using the Internet. After the training, the workers can get admission to get into the factory for a certain period.
  • Construction application and check:

    Before construction, qualified Contractors workers must use the Internet to apply for a construction applicant by login to the system. After being approved, the workers can be allowed to get in and out of plant for a certain period.
  • Supervisor or industrial safety personnel first in, last out:

    The control system will let supervisor or industrial safety personnel first in and last out. Not until the supervisor pass the control system first, can the staffs of that area be allowed to get in. When leaving, the supervisor is not allowed to pass the control system until all the staff has left.
  • Warning on overtime not leaving factory:

    If there are any workers stay in the factory overtime, the system will notify the relevant managers automatically.
  • Contractors regulatory fines operation:

    SAP Supplier block out mechanism will be activated if contractors don’t pay fines within the requested period. The access control system will fail the contractors’ all applications and permission to get into plant automatically.
  • Reports management:

    Provide records of entry access, workers list, reports. ...etc.