RFID Vehicle dispatching and shipment management system (RFID-VDSM):

PlusCircle provides a complete RFID vehicle dispatching and shipment management solutions to high-tech manufacture industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry,… etc. Combining RFID-VDSM system and SAP, it can identify Forwarder company, driver and vehicle before shipment, and write weights of loaded tank in SAP, inspect barrel packed product when shipment is ready. By RFID automatically comparing the orders, it can ensure delivering orders to the right customer at the right time, by the right person, right vehicle, with right quantity and product.

Main functions:

  • Forwarder company, driver, vehicle dispatching and vehicle management.

    The forwarder company must log in to the system to fill in basic information by the Internet, and upload digital photos of the driver, insurance information, the relevant license ...... and so on, to get the approval of a qualified forwarder.
  • Vehicle and driver identity inspection by RFID in security office:

    When the vehicle drives into plant, they will be asked to stop in the front of security office. The security officer will use RFID to read the information of driver and vehicle, only when they are approved then it can be permitted to get into the plant.
  • Tank weighing operation:

    Every time when weighs tank, system will write the weight into SAP shipping document automatically.
  • Barrel packed product RFID shipment inspection operation:

    When barrel packed product ready to ship, RFID will read the information of PN and qty of the loaded trunk, and compare to the shipping document on SAP, only when the information are correct then it can be delivered.
  • Reports management:

    Provide records of in and out of plant, shipment loaded ,. ...etc reports.